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Welcome to Storytelling Structures. In this course, we’ll discuss The Hero’s Journey and share why it can be a powerful tool for your marketing efforts. The Hero’s Journey is a story structure first coined by Jospeh Campbell. It’s a structure that relates to all people across all cultures, and it it can be applied to your ministry marketing to engage donors and inspire action in support of your cause. We’ll walk through how the structure can be applied to your content strategies. 

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Who is the course for?

This course is designed for ministry leaders and marketing directors looking to take their ministry marketing strategies to the next level. The principles you’ll learn in this course are used extensively in the commercial marketing sector, and it’s time the Church and Christian ministries started using this storytelling structure to their advantage. 

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Learning Path

From 7:48 – 11:13 we discuss and walk through a quick history of storytelling. 

From 11:14 – 16:37 we discuss content and storytelling categories. 

From 16:38 – 17:59 we discuss video as the pinnacle of storytelling content. 

From 18:00 – 21:23 we discuss the donor and the beneficiary as the hero. You and your ministry are not the hero! You are the mentor and guide. 

From 21:25 – 43:49 we discuss The Hero’s Journey story structure and show story examples that fit into this structure. 

From 43:50 – 47:03 we discuss the common storylines and themes found in The Hero’s Journey and show how these themes fit the ministry sector. 

Schedule Live Training

As a part of this course we are offering live consultation via Zoom. You can choose to take the course live with our instructors OR schedule a live critique of your images. 

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