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Welcome to Purpose-Driven Strategy. Every organization needs a clearly defined vision for the direction the ministry is headed. The problem is that traditional corporate manifestos (Vision, Mission, Value Propositions and Core Values) are often lengthy, confusing, and rarely easily recalled by staff, volunteers or donors. And that’s exactly what is needed, easy recollection of the mission at hand. In this course, we’ll discuss ministry guiding principles that are rooted in the emotionally engaging story structure of The Hero’s Journey, and we’ll show how you can provide clear direction for your organization and audience using this time tested story structure.

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Who is the course for?

This course is designed for ministry leaders and marketing directors looking to simplify their guiding principles and create a strategy that is actionable, rather than one that uselessly sits in an employee handbook. The principles you’ll learn in this course are used extensively in the commercial marketing sector, and it’s time the Church and Christian ministries across the globe started using these principles to their advantage. 

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Learning Path

From 7:05 – 12:33 we discuss purpose or WHY centered communication and walk through Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle.

From 12:35 – 19:18 we discuss brand archetypes, and brand tone and voice.

From 19:20 – 24:07 we discuss your unique differentiator. This is where your strategies and solutions will land. 

From 24:08 – 34:07 we walk through a couple case studies and show why purpose driven communication matters. 

From 34:08 – 37:45 we discuss a purpose statement and highlight the structure we follow when developing purpose statements.

From 37:46 – 44:41 we discuss a mission statement and highlight the structure we follow when developing mission statements.

Schedule Live Training

As a part of this course we are offering live consultation via Zoom. You can choose to take the course live with our instructors OR schedule a live critique of your images. 

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