We believe great brand experiences start with great stories.

Why Reliant Creative?

We exist to tell your ministry’s story because those stories are powerful and they can inspire action and mobilize the Church for your cause. Across the world, God is working through ordinary people in extraordinary ways: believers are feeding the poor, saving children from sex slavery, healing the sick, helping widows and orphans, and extending compassion to the lost and lonely. The stories behind these efforts are often lost. If we can tell those stories we can increase your impact, inspire action, and mobilize the Church for your cause.

You’re a ministry executive. You don’t have time and you may not have the resources to tell your stories. You were called to your cause, not marketing. That’s our calling and we can help! Reliant Creative is supported by generous donors who believe stories are powerful. They believe that stories can mobilize the Church and they’re investing in our organization so we can help tell your stories. 

We believe God is at work in incredible ways globally. We’ve seen His work first hand. The problem is that it’s difficult to tell those stories because it’s time consuming and expensive. But, if we can tell those stories to the Church, we believe she’ll mobilize and rally behind what God is already doing through prayer and financial investment.  Your stories just need to be told well and often. Let’s tell powerful stories of how God’s working through your ministry and mobilize the Church!

Running a ministry is hard and you don’t have the time or financial resources for marketing and telling your stories. You weren’t called to be a marketer after all, you were called to your cause. It can be overwhelming to care for those who you’ve been called to serve while thinking about how you’re going to get donors and supporters invested in your ministry.

Who has the time and resources to create content, to tell their stories to donors, to build a brand?

We do, and we’ve got a plan!

While we operate as a full service agency, we’re also a 501(c)3 ministry called to use our gifts to help you tell your ministry story cost effectively. And we’ve got our own donors to help out!

We understand and relate to the struggles you are challenged with every day because we are working through many of the same struggles. If you’ll let us use our gifts and experience in marketing to tell your story, you can spend your time focusing where you’ve been called.

We’ll take the time to get to know you and the work you do. If we partner with you, your work is our work. We’ll do no cookie-cutting. Every branding effort, every website, every campaign is created custom to fit your ministries needs. 

We are a Christian ministry committed to using our gifts, talents, and abilities for Kingdom impact through creative action.

If you are a church or church plant looking for creative solutions to your ministry’s creative needs, we’re here to help you. We understand that every church is unique with varying needs and diverse congregations. How you relate and visually speak to a large suburban church congregation will be different from how you speak to an urban congregation downtown. We’ll listen to your individual needs before we start implementation and execution so that what we deliver is custom fit to your church or plant. 

We can help you build a brand, or tackle your weekly creative and church event campaigns. By working with Reliant Creative you are not only saving on design staff costs, but your investment goes directly towards growing other gospel-centered ministries. 

Here's how we can help your ministry.

We are storytellers and we believe great brand experiences start with great stories. Every interaction a donor has with your brand should be viewed as an opportunity to tell your unique ministry stories. If you tell your stories you can inspire action and mobilize donors for your cause. We can help you mobilize the Church to prayerful and financial investment in what God is already doing through your organization. Here are the areas where we specialize in telling ministry stories. 

Messaging & Strategy

Story-Driven Messaging
Purpose-Driven Strategy
Visual Identity
Brand Guidelines
Campaign Strategy

Creating a plan of action is crucial to any project. We want to understand your ministries audience, so that the content and experiences we create are effective. We can help you craft a plan so your stories, message, and visuals land effectively communicating the right message.


Information Architecture
Web Design
Web Development

We want to help you create user-first digital experiences. Form and function don’t have to be at odds. In fact, they can and should work together. We believe they can compliment one another to drive engagement and conversion and everything we design follows that belief.

Visual Storytelling

Campaign Development
Graphic Design
Print Collateral

Visual storytelling is where we really shine, it’s our specialty, and it’s how we got our start as an agency. Great brand experiences start with great stories, and we believe that second only to prayer stories are the most powerful way to mobilize the Church. We can help you tell powerful stories of how God is working through your ministry and increase your cause impact.

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Meet Our Team

Creators driven to serve the Kingdom through creative action. We love telling stories, not for the sake of telling stories, but for the sake of Kingdom impact and ministry reach. 

Zachary Leighton

Founder & Principal Creative

Sarah VanWinkle

Brand Strategist & Designer

Moe Loubani

Lead Developer

Max Moser

Video Production & Cinematography

Kevin Balzer

Creative Director

Lindsey Baker

Brand Strategist & Designer

Merisa Moy

Strategy & Messaging

Curtis Smith

Video Production & Cinematography

Let's tell engaging stories of how God's working through your ministry.

Don’t lose out on donor investment because your stories aren’t being told effectively. The stories of how God is at work through your ministry are powerful and can inspire the Church to action. Let us help you become the guide and mentor your donors need to be the hero’s for your cause.

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