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Welcome to Scriptwriting. In this course, we’ll discuss the basics of scriptwriting and show you how you can take any beneficiaries story and fit it into a story formula. The story formula we use is The Hero’s Journey, and it’s effective because it’s a story that we all experience in our own lives. The Hero’s Journey relates to all people across all cultures, and therefore is a perfect story structure to follow when telling a beneficiaries story to an audience worlds apart. This course will guide you through the formula and show you the questions you can ask your beneficiary to get the right answers to fill out the story structure. 

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for a ministries national partners and missionaries who are on the ground, in the field, and on the front lines of the great commission. This course will help you take the stories you’re seeing first hand, and filter them through a time tested formula so that you can send ministry headquarters stories on a more regular basis. Our hope is to help you share what God is doing with the Church with greater regularity. 

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Learning Path

From 5:04 – 6:30 we discuss the importance of taking a beneficiaries story and plugging it into a formula.

From 6:31 – 14:49 we discuss the story structure we use and the formula we follow when telling a beneficiaries story.

From 14:50 – 26:53 we walk through the 3 acts of our story structure and show example questions you can ask in your interviews to pull the right answers from your beneficiaries.

Schedule Live Training

As a part of this course we are offering live consultation via Zoom. You can choose to take the course live with our instructors OR schedule a live critique of your images. 

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