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Hannah Arrowood from Present Age Ministries – Balancing Strategy with God’s Direction and Guidance

The Ministry Growth Show
Hannah Arrowood from Present Age Ministries - Balancing Strategy with God's Direction and Guidance

This week on The Ministry Growth Show we talk with Hannah Arrowood from Present Age Ministries as she shares her expertise balancing strategy development and God’s guidance. It’s easy to get sucked into a strategy-only mindset and make strategy ultimate over God and His guidance over HIS ministry. Hannah shares how Present Age Ministries has avoided this path as an organization and how they have implemented a cadence and rhythm into their daily routines to retain mission-focus and keep Christ at the center of everything they do. Hannah says balancing strategy with God’s direction and guidance takes intentionality but is so crucial when leading a ministry. It’ll be fun to watch what God does through Present Age Ministries as they continue to grow and seek the Lord’s guidance.

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