Brand Development

The YouChoose mark is made up of two primary shapes, the location pin and dots. The dots of the mark in a semi-circle represent the top of heads of people in community. The off-color dot can represent a leader of that community, or an outside being invited into community. This representation of community with the dots is then depicted in the shape of a location pin. The location pin is a visual representation of the tagline, “YouChoose when, where, how, and with whom you do community.” All of these visual elements are wrapped up in a mark that is simple and easy to remember. The font we chose, Proxima Nova Soft, has rounded ends that match well with the circular elements of the mark. 


YouChoose is going to be a video content generating machine, not dissimilar from YouTube. We set out to create a website that had similarities to the familiarity of YouTube, yet distinctly YouChoose. We wanted to create a site that was balanced in both form and function, beautiful yet practical and easy to use. We live in a day and age where content is consumed with the scroll of a thumb, so we designed the site with that in mind. The YouChoose audience will be pulled in, discipled, and sent out with this website as the driving force behind everything YouChoose does as a ministry. We’re excited to see how YouChoose uses this new and exciting tool. 

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Videography is going to be the content that drives this ministry. YouChoose is essentially on online church that uses quick, quippy, sarcastic, and fun short videos to draw in the audience. Once the audience is drawn in with these “YouChoose Shorts,” YouChoose then has longer videos to help explain, teach, and disciple the audience to further action. The social platform YouChoose will focus on is YouTube, and we wanted to stay true to the context of that social platform and create a “YouTube personality” feel to the videos. This would never have worked without the right personality, but luckily Barry can play the role perfectly. We’re excited to see how he shares the gospel and makes disciples with an online platform. Here are some of the early “YouChoose Shorts” examples. 

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