Kashmir Evangelical Fellowship


The KEF team has been blessed immensely by the hard work and dedication of Reliant Creative. Our new visual identity, website, and creative content will go a long way in helping us tell the story of unsung ministries and heroes of faith who are serving in the interior remote villages of the Himalayas. God is working in incredible ways in this region, and Reliant Creative has been integral in helping us tell that story. 

Reliant Creative’s partnership with KEF has brought about change in our audience’s views and ideology of our ministry. Their creative way of expressing to our audience has inspired many to join hands with us to move on with the work of the Lord. 

Our new website gives us the ability to tell our story back in the States on a consistent basis. What we have historically done annually, we can now do weekly and even daily. God is at work here and it’s crucial that we update our supporters on a consistent basis. The work Reliant Creative did for KEF has empowered us to tell that story. Reliant Creative has given us the ability to share our vision and calling with our supporters and the world. 

KEF is privileged to partner with Reliant Creative. Alone we are weak, but together we can do great and mighty things. The dedication, hard work, sacrifice and generosity of Reliant in creating this awesome website is greatly appreciated by all KEF staff and supporters. It’s an honor for our organization to have joined hands with a great ministry like Reliant. Their hard work has taken our ministry to a new level. Reliant’s love and commitment towards KEF speaks volumes about the ministry. We would recommend Reliant Creative to anyone in need of storytelling help.

Reliant Creative, thank you so much and God Bless.

Dr. Santosh Thomas – KEF President/CEO

KEF is reaching the unreached and telling the untold in Northern India.

Brand Development

KEF is a ministry that focuses it’s time and energy on the unreached people groups of the Himalayas. This focus opens the door for some pretty significant challenges. The Himalayas are one of the most treacherous mountain ranges in the world. The physical elements alone make every aspect of ministry difficult in Northern India. While we spent time with Santosh and his team traveling around Northern India we noticed that the Himalayan range plays an incredibly important role in the life of this ministry. It affects every aspect of what this ministry does. When we set out to construct the new brand identity we wanted to pull inspiration from that reality. Although treacherous, the Himalayas are an incredibly beautiful place. The grandeur of this region speaks to a magnificent creator God. You cannot ignore God as reality when you visit this place. Visiting this place gives you a respect and reverence for our sovereign King. We created the logo mark to speak to the grandeur of this region. The color palette was pulled directly from the images we came back with from this region. All of these elements inspired the brand identity, and we wanted to make sure we were creating for a specific audience. 90% of all KEFs fundraising is done in the United States. Even though KEF is an Indian organization, run by Indian nationals, their audience is here in the States, and we needed to keep that in mind when building the brand. We’re really excited with the results!

Reliant Creative’s hard work has taken our ministry to a new level…

Their love and commitment speaks volumes about their ministry. 


Great websites have a healthy balance between form and function. It’s already been said, but it’s worth re-iterating, this region of the world is breath-taking. You cannot take a bad picture, and we came back from our 3 week trip with a lot of images. When we began designing the site we had three priorities.First, we wanted to tell KEFs story. It’s an amazing story of God’s work in a beautiful, but relatively unreached region of the world. There needed to be a balance between showing that beauty and sharing God’s story.Second, we wanted all traffic to direct the user to the donate page. What’s the point of a ministry website if it doesn’t generate funds, right? A website is simply a brand touchpoint and tool. This site needed to do it’s job well. Third, we wanted the site design to center around the imagery. Photography is an incredible storytelling tool. It can tell a story quicker than any other medium including video. We wanted the images to do most of the talking, so we designed the site around the imagery we captured during our trip. We’re anxious to see what this new tool does for KEF. 

kef-design_homepage kef_about-us kef-design_projectspage kef-design_vision-trips


Photography is how we got our start as a ministry at Reliant Creative. Photography is an incredibly powerful storytelling tool and it drove the storytelling process for this project. We didn’t start work on anything else until we had visited India and documented what KEF was doing. This approach allowed us to see the story first hand. Once we had seen the work on the ground, we came back and used the imagery we created to inform the rest of the brand development process. God is at work in Northern India in ways we can’t even imagine. He’s at work in ways we can’t capture with a camera, but we can tell a portion of His story; and that’s what we did with KEF. 


Up until this trip Reliant Creative has always sent one person to create both photo and video content for the ministries we’ve served. Our trip with KEF was the first trip that Reliant was able to send a dedicated photographer and dedicated videographer. The result allowed each creative individual to focus on their chosen speciality and the work our team brought back flourished because of this approach. Videography is an expectation in storytelling in our day and age. When done right it can affect the viewer at an emotional level like no other medium. Our video goal with this trip was to tell KEFs story by sharing the literal work they do throughout Northern India. We created a 3 minute video highlighting KEF as a ministry, and 5 “shorts” that shared KEFs community development programs. There are thousands of individual stories to be told within this ministry, and we needed to establish a base that KEF could work off of moving forward. 

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