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Vishal Mangalwadi from Revelation Movement – Education Revolution

The Ministry Growth Show
Vishal Mangalwadi from Revelation Movement - Education Revolution

This week on The Ministry Growth Show I’m excited to host Vishal Mangalwadi. Vishal is the founder of Revelation Movement and an author of 21 books that have been translated into 14 different languages. His content is used in university curriculum all over the world and Christianity Today called him “India’s foremost Christian intellectual.” In this episode, Vishal and I discuss the need for education revolution and briefly talk on the internet as the single most significant communication shift in human history. Our discussion time in this episode focuses primarily on education revolution, a topic that is incredibly complex and way outside of my own knowledge or expertise, but thought-provoking nonetheless. Enjoy!

Relevant Resources:
Revelation Movement
Virtues Campus
Report on the Kingdom Education Fellowship consultation
Trinity Global Education
Christianity Today’s Article on Vishal

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