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Harry Brown from New Generations – Disciple Making Movements aka “DMM”

The Ministry Growth Show
Harry Brown from New Generations - Disciple Making Movements aka "DMM"

In this week’s episode of The Ministry Growth Show the President of New Generations, Harry Brown, walks us through how their ministry is using DMM to change lives for Christ all over the world. DMM is an acronym for Disciple-Making Movements and Harry shares how these movements are sweeping across the nations and transforming lives at incredible rates for the Kingdom of God. DMM is a strategy or process modeled after how Jesus made disciples with the 12. It’s been fun learning this process and Harry shares a ton of great insight on its effectiveness. I’ve linked to some great resources if you would like to start implementing DMM in your ministry model. Enjoy!

Relevant Resources:

The Kingdom Unleashed
Contagious Disciple Making
Miraculous Movements

A Few Global Ministries using DMM:

New Generations
Global Catalytic Ministries
Frontier Alliance International

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