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Emily Fitchpatrick from Flagship Equip – Ministry Leader Burnout

The Ministry Growth Show
Emily Fitchpatrick from Flagship Equip - Ministry Leader Burnout

This week on The Ministry Growth Show I talk with Emily Fitchpatrick from Flagship Equip. This is Emily’s second time on the show and today we’re discussing ministry leader burnout, an important but often neglected topic of discussion in the ministry space. It’s easy to make the ministries we are called into ultimate in our lives, rather than keeping Christ our central focus. This discussion by no means solves anything, but we think it’s important to have discussions around this topic as often as possible. Hopefully, the things we discuss in this episode can serve as an encouragement to ministry leaders.

Here is a great article and podcast on the topic by John Piper: https://www.desiringgod.org/interviews/avoiding-ministry-burnout
Here is a great article showing some of the stats around ministry burnout (I thin these stats show that we’re not having this discussion often enough in the ministry space): https://www.leadershipresources.org/blog/christian-ministry-burnout-prevention-signs-statistics-recovery/

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