Documentary Storytelling - Pre-Production






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27 min.




Course Overview

Welcome to Documentary Storytelling part 1, where we’ll be focusing on pre-production. Pre-production is arguably the most important stage in the documentary process, but it is absolutely the most overlooked stage in the process. In this documentary storytelling series, we’re going to walk you through our entire storytelling process beginning with pre-production, so you can begin telling better stories in the field. 

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is specifically designed for ministry national partners and missionaries who are in the field and on the front lines of the Great Commission. You are watching God transform lives and this course will help you tell those stories to the Church. This course will also benefit ministry leadership and marketing directors. 

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Learning Path

From 3:53 – 7:04 we discuss the 3 documentary styles most relevant to the ministry sector.

From 7:05 – 8:14 we give an introduction to pre-production.

From  8:15 – 19:00 we take an in-depth look into our planning process.

From  19:01 – 22:31  we discuss Dan Harmon’s “Story Circle,” which is rooted in The Hero’s Journey, and show how we follow this structure for our films. 

From  22:32 – 26:00  we discuss our interview prep process. 

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